Differ the genuine OFF-WHITE x Nike Air Max 97 shoes

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The OFF-WHITE x Nike Air Max 97, which has a very popular popularity, is expected to be available at the original price when it is on sale. As the summer arrives, the heat of this shoe will also heat up with the temperature. Many friends who have not grabbed also plan to In a certain treasure to start a pair of genuine, because a treasure genuine not only the price is too high and the price difference is so large that many friends can not distinguish, so many friends private letter Xiaobian is not a treasure on the 2000 or more are genuine, and the current market is on sale Is there a difference between the so-called highest version?


So today we mainly talk about the best OFF-WHITE x Nike Air Max 97 at the moment? The difference between the original and the original is not big. So in fact, friends who have learned about high imitation off white shoes know that high imitation shoes are especially hot, and there are even more than seven or eight versions of shoes. So the best version of this OW joint Max97. what is it then? Because Xiaobian itself is also engaged in shoe stalls, and only do the highest quality, so in addition to the shoe stalls, the shoe version will be compared, select the best quality shoes, then the best OW joint Max97 bullets are actually It is the true standard company level, the real standard company level is actually made according to the authentic model, similar materials, quality workmanship, shoe standard, anti-counterfeiting. Many friends will ask where is the biggest difference between such shoes and genuine products? Can you pass the test? The first thing to say is that high imitation shoes don't have a 100% test. If there is one, there will be no high imitation. Why is it that the shoes that are 100% tested in China are not sold as genuine? After all, the difference between high imitation and genuine price difference is that I think everyone has a few. Cheap Off White x Nike Sale - off white x nike air max 97 Men Running Shoes White Black


What is the difference between genuine standard company-level shoes and genuine products? Because it is not a factory out of stock, there will be subtle differences in the way the shoes are in the middle and low line and the details of the shoes. Of course, this difference is not only a senior appraiser, but the average person Can't tell the difference, so as long as you buy the right quality, many people worry that the fake one does not exist at all. After all, except for brand fees, design fees, publicity expenses, etc., the original cost is not high.

Then we will look at the real standard company-level OW joint Max97 real shot details.